What is Earthly Eating?
Earthly Eating is bio-individualized holistic nutrition therapy at the cellular level emphasizing the role of food in healing and health.

Earthly Eating works with individual needs to assess a personalized nutrition plan that addresses autoimmunity, food allergies, detox issues, blood sugar imbalances, weight loss, skin issues, gut problems and more.

  • Earthly Eating helps reestablish the importance of eating minimally processed, fresh, local foods for optimal health.
    Good nutrition begins in the soil. Properly nourished soil and organic growing methods grows plants with higher nutrient levels, better taste, and a more powerful live giving energy.
  • Optimal nutrition also relies on sound mind. Positive thoughts and energy nourish the body and soul; the mind body connection is integral to holistic nutrition. Embracing this connection impacts healthy lifestyle changes that naturally support the Earth, mind and body via optimal nutrition.


Who is Earthly Eating?
Jessica Yoches, CNTP, MNT is a Master Nutrition Therapist and graduate of The Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver who started Earthly Eating LLC after graduating in the winter of 2016.

She is a former organic farmer, and still dabbles in a community garden plot. Her past experience includes running a CSA share program, working at a local food grocery store, and managing a farmers market. Her love for gardening and local food led to the study of how they can be applied therapeutically, especially after experiencing multiple health issues that even a healthy diet was not resolving.

Later she would learn about food allergies and how even the healthiest foods can make you sick if your body doesn’t tolerate them. She has applied her own personal experiences and the education she received Nutrition Therapy Institute to create Earthly Eating Nutrition.

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